Antony Caldaroni 2014While I’ve been described as many things, few have been more humbling than ‘enthusiastically happy.’ I can’t help it, it’s in the DNA. As a child I was encouraged daily to embrace life, finding a reason to be grateful and happy – particularly during difficult times of personal struggle.

It is perhaps this moral compass that had inadvertently lead me to embrace design and photography. I have always enjoyed the notion of creating something from seemingly nothing and, having finished, being able to look back with pride on my work that I had dedicated limited and precious moments, hours and even days to. After all, life is not indefinite, there are finite limits that one cannot escape.

Time inevitably takes us all. But, before it does, we have the unique and incredible gift of cheating time, capturing it in the form of light and forever cement a 1/250th of a second, a minute or an evening of time into a photograph that can live on indefinitely.

I adore photography. I admire its propensity to unlock the human mind’s storytelling ability – for no one person perceives an image in the same manner as another. It is with this mindset that I approach my work. I strive to create something that can indeed withstand the test of time and rise above the noise of senseless digital clutter.

I do hope you enjoy the ever-growing body of work on this page and would love to hear from you with your thoughts and critiques. Should you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them and will also work in the coming months to get some tutorials, videos and how-to segments up on the site for those that also wish to get off the sidelines and stop simply living life but capturing it!