Ladies and gentlemen, the worlds most adorable couple: Daniel and Alexandra. What a pleasure it was to work with this incredible couple and their beautiful family who celebrate their moments engagement last weekend with evening filled with family, storytelling and laughter on Chicago’s South Side at The Irish Legend. Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-3Look at this incredibly beautiful young woman! She’ s going to make a stunningly beautiful bride –¬†August can’t come soon enough!Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-4 And her strappingly handsome¬†groom to be. When they look this good, all I need to do is push a button! Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-2Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-5Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-7Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-32 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-6Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-26Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-8Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-12Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-11Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-9Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-10Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-14Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-13 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-24 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-23 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-22 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-21 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-20 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-19 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-18 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-17 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-16 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-15 I wasn’t quite sure what was going on here but – they had a vision and they executed it. Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-25 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-28 Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-30Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-31Kaz-Czyzl-Engagement-29