When the Van de Veire family first approached me about a family portrait shoot several months ago, I could hardly contain my glee. I mean, as you’ll soon see, they’ve got some of the cutest children on the planet and, as a photographer, I was itching to get these incredibly joyous children in front of some quality glass.

We had a fantastic time at Wheaton’s Danada house – a place near and dear to my heart, as I was married there to my incredible wife. I’ve now done two family portrait shoots at the Danada House and I’ll admit that I was a bit concerned about doing portrait shoots during the summer, given the fact that everywhere you look there’s green. Previously, I did a family shoot in the fall and was able to capitalize on the beautiful fall colors.

Luckily, things turned out splendidly. The kids had a blast running around the children’s maze and petting the horses – sadly, photos of horse petting could not be provided, as ticking off a 800 lb horse in the presence of little children is generally frowned upon by adults of all ages.